Enhance Your Resource Management and Build Competitive Advantage

Pro-Int ERP is the leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) application in Indonesia that manages the entire spectrum of corporate functions as an integrated system, covering vital areas such as Sales, Procurement, Accounting & Finance, Inventory and Supply Chain. Empower your critical business processes with our flexible functionality and proven solutions.

Finance Accounting Modules

Integrate your complex accounting and financial processes, keeping it connected with the rest of your business with our full-featured ERP modules. Manage all your financial tasks in one place to gain visibility into your company’s profitability.

Cash Management Modules

Cash Management

Record and manage all cash transactions, including cash advance, receipt and disbursement. Perform bank reconciliation and conveniently evaluate company’s financial position and cash flow statement.

General Ledger Modules

General Ledger

Use our special journals to
automate journal postings to our integrated general ledger for frequent transactions. Also, quickly generate your company’s financial statements, such as Balance Sheet and Income Statement.

Petty Cash Modules

Petty Cash

Better manage your petty cash using the proven imprest fund system. Safeguard your company’s fund and set a limit by cost center or by sub-ledger account. You can also limit the petty cash amount by total amount per month or by the number of transaction.

Cheque Control Modules

Cheque Control

This module is integrated with Account Receivable module and enables you to administer your Post Dated Cheque using 2 methods of recognizing a transaction: upon receipt of the cheque or when it matures.

Fixed Assets Modules

Fixed Assets

We help you document all fixed asset data (land, building, vehicle, furniture, etc.), set up automatic deprecation journal entries, schedule maintenance, determine its locations, or even relocate them.

Accounts Payable Modules

Account Payable

This module enables you to
debit/credit your payable balances when necessary and settle your payables with cash or cheque payments. Also, you can analyze your payable movements and aging.

Cost Accounting Modules

Cost Accounting

Determine your actual Cost of Goods Manufactured at every stage of production based on your direct and indirect costs. Find the variance between the standard and actual cost to measure your cost efficiency and actual profitability.

Value Added Tax Modules

Value Added Tax

This module integrates
Procurement and Sales &
Distribution modules to collect the VAT in and out values, so you can generate SPM PPN automatically.

Accounts Receivable Modules

Accounts Receivable

This module allows you to settle receivables using 2 methods: Direct (cash receipt automatically cuts receivable balances) or Indirect (cash receipt does not directly affect receivable balances). Also, flexibly record sales advance and analyze your receivable movements and aging.


Pro-Int ERP optimizes your flow of materials to support your customer-focused processes and to deliver the right product to the right customer at the right time. We cover your entire purchase-to-sales cycle, helping you strengthen your customer relationships for a wider profit margin.

Operation Modules
Procurement Modules


This module covers all purchasing activities, starting from collecting purchase requisitions (PR), generating purchase orders (PO), to creating payable notes. Organize your suppliers’ details and PR/PO organizations. Analyze your historical purchases, contracts, prices, etc.

Logistic Modules


Track all your inventory
movements, both Transfer In and Transfer Out, and stock balances in multiple warehouses. At the period’s end, use Price Process function to determine the prices of your Raw Materials for your Cost Accounting process.

Sales & Distribution Modules

Sales & Distribution

From receiving order, delivering products, creating invoices, to handling returns – we automate and simplify the way you serve your customers. Also, you can analyze your sales during a certain period for each customer, product, product group, revenue center, etc.

Point of Sales Modules

Point of Sales

Our integrated Point of Sale module quickly records your cash-and-carry transactions and applies discounts/promotions flexibly. We also facilitate different payment methods
(cash, debit/credit card, etc.) and barcode scanning.

Production Modules

From monthly production planning to daily shop-floor executions – Pro-Int ERP is designed to facilitate the complexities of your value chain activities and accelerate your entire manufacturing cycle. Find out how Pro-Int ERP can help you manage stock circulation and decrease inventory obsolescence, while still meeting production and market requirements consistently.

Production Activity Control Modules

Production Activity

We cover all your shop-floor activities, from creating work orders, executing it, recording results, to calculating material usage. Better manage your multi-level bill of materials, products, routings, Work in Process, shifts, etc.

Master Production Scheduling Modules

Master Production

Classify your production into 2 processes: make-to-order (based on sales orders) and make-to-stock (based on sales planning). Use your bill of material to generate raw material requirement for your scheduled productions. Hence, you can create material requirement planning and purchase requisitions automatically.

Quality Management System Modules

Quality Management

Maintain your product quality through 3 stages of inspection: Incoming Inspection (checking the raw materials received from suppliers), In-process Inspection (preventing low quality products from being finalized), and Final Inspection (testing the products before being delivered to customers).

Budgeting Modules

Actively strengthen your financial planning for your future income and expenditures with Pro-Int ERP. Carefully generate an estimate of your future sales that serves as a base figure for other component budgets, such as production and purchases budget, helping you structure your company in such a way that optimizes the use of your assets and keeps your expenses